Big Jet Plane

Music has always played a really important part of my life, I just love it and songs can transport me to places in time, inspire me, move me and make me feel completely happy.  Random songs (quite often funny ones!) will often pop into my head when I think about events or people or places.

When I was a flight attendant, I would sometimes have to wake up ridiculously early for flights.  ‘She Works Hard for the Money’ (the version sung by the character Agador Spartacus from the film Bird Cage) was on my ‘Going to Work’ playlist. It would crack me right up, help me forget I was deliriously tired and put me in a great mood for my flight.

We’re flying to the Greek islands tonight and the song that keeps playing over in my head is this one. Little Miss loves it too and we have been dancing around the house to it these past few days.  It’s so beautiful and I never get tired of hearing it.


A xxx

Are you a music lover too?

What anthem has been playing in your head today?


Holiday Packing Essentials

I recently put my virtual hand up on Twitter to compile a holiday capsule packing list, and then I realised there was one tiny problem. I am the worst packer in the world.  Seriously. What was I thinking?

Not wanting to shy away from the self imposed challenge, however, I decided to consult the people I know who are amazing packers, do a little research and have a good long hard look at my packing self and decide where it is I usually go wrong, and what I can do to prevent chronic overpacking from happening in the future. This is what I came up with;

  • 3 bikinis (or as many as you want really, they don’t take up much room!)
  • 2 sarongs
  • 3 pairs of shorts or jeans / pants – denim / stone / black
  • 5 t-shirts / tops / singlets
  • 2 day time dresses / kaftans
  • 2 evening dresses
  • Thongs / shoes for daytime sightseeing & shopping
  • Jewelled sandals for evening
  • Wedges for evening
  • Fun accessories – jewellery, scarves
Scarves can be worn as head-scarves too! 
When I think about what I pack vs. what I actually wear while on holiday, it’s the easy and comfortable pieces that always get an outing.  Anything that can be taken from day to night is also perfect, for example a shift dress can be worn with flats and a hat during the day, then dressed up with wedges and accessories for the evening.  The same goes for shorts and tops, they can be worn casually during the day and then dressed up with a belt, jewellery and wedges at night.

Destination Notes
Asia:  It’s always very humid in Asia, so packing natural, breathable fabrics is essential. Kaftans and loose, flowing dresses will definitely get an outing so be sure to pack them if you have them.
Europe:  If you are bound for Europe, then no doubt there will be some sightseeing (and shopping!) taking place on your trip, so make sure you pack comfy walking shoes.  It can also get a bit chilly in the evenings, so pack your pashmina when you are heading out.
Middle East: If you are headed for the Middle East, you need to be respectful of the culture. Although many parts of the Middle East, like Dubai and Bahrain have a majority expat population, it’s a good idea to be conscious of dressing quite modestly.  Always have a pashmina handy in case of curious onlookers so you won’t feel uncomfortable.

Happy travelling!

A xx

What’s on your ultimate holiday packing list?

What are your tips for smart packing?

Take Me Away….

In my former life as a flight attendant, I travelled to some truly incredible places. I thought I would do a ‘Take me Away…’ post from time to time, so that wherever you are, whatever you’re doing you can be ‘taken away’.

Today I’m dreaming of;


Marrakech is easily one of the most fascinating places I’ve visited.  A blend of African, Arabic and French influences make for one of the most intoxicating experiences for the senses.

A trip wouldn’t be complete with sipping mint tea at the Djemaa El-Fna, browsing the endless array of stalls and watching snake charmers and water sellers in their beautifully colourful costumes.


Welcome to Miami  – bienvenido a miami!  This is a party people playground, where you hit the beach, cafe’s and shops by day (the Kardashian sisters have one of their Dash stores here) and the bars and clubs by night.  I loved starting each day off with breakfast at South Beach slowly sipping a Mimosa, enjoying the pretty pastels of the art deco architecture and watching the world go by.



Moscow is a destination for anyone who is fascinated with Russian history, art and culture. My first visit I went to see the Kremlin by night – it was breathtaking!   I happened to  buy a set of Matroyshka dolls that Little Miss now has sitting in her room.  I remember very vividly thinking that one day I would tell my children about  what it was like to be freezing cold in Red Square in Russia.

What destinations are you dreaming of today?

Where have you travelled to that was truly amazing?