Shimmy Shake!


Last week I attended a lunch at Bistro Guillaume with Mia Freedman.  I wanted a fun and colourful outfit that wouldn’t break the bank and I happened to find inspiration from a fabulous blog that I just discovered.

My ‘Lunch with Mia’ Outfit

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Glittering, Sparkly Shellac : I’m In Love


Despite being on struggle street this morning with a sick toddler and minimal sleep, I’m in love with my new pale pink shellac mani featuring one glittering, sparkly nail.  I had it done especially for my cousins wedding later today.

‘My Cousins Wedding’ shellac mani

It reminds me of one of Jerry Seinfeld’s three rules of life – ‘Fall in love everyday‘, which is not necessarily about falling in love with someone but appreciating what you have and being passionate about what you do.

Today, I am in love with ‘My Cousin’s Wedding’ glittering, sparkly mani.

Everyday I am in love with my wonderful hubby and beautiful little girl.

Wishing my gorgeous cousin and her soon to be new husband a lifetime of much love, laughter and happiness. I hope you fall in love everyday.

A xxx

What are you in love with today?

What cheers you up when you’re on struggle street?

Hello Shellac, I Love You

For anyone who isn’t familiar, Shellac is a nail polish and gel hybrid which is painted on like nail varnish and set under a UV lamp.  It takes hardly any time to be applied and usually lasts for about two weeks.  I discovered it just before my daughter was born and I love it. Firstly because I have a ‘thing’ about having nice nails – somehow I don’t feel dressed or finished if my nails aren’t done.  Secondly, I’m a bit naughty and rarely wear gloves when washing dishes and cleaning – so I’m not kind to my hands or nails.  Poor poppets.

This was my yummy Summer Shellac colour

Recently however, I’ve noticed how weak and damaged my nails are when I have the Shellac soaked off and I’m trying to decide whether to give it a rest for a while.  Basically, I’m considering Shellac rehab.  I know that withdrawals are inevitable, and it’s going to be painful – and I really need advice from anyone who has gone Shellac cold turkey.

My more subdued Autumn Shellac. Hmmm – just needs a touch of glitter

So I’m reaching out to any current and former Shellac users, what advice do you have for someone who is considering quitting?

Are there any products on the market for Shellac abused nails?

Or should I just continue having my poor nails Shellaced?

A xxxx