Five Fab Christmas Gifts for Her


Christmas is only weeks away and if you haven’t started your shopping just yet, here’s some giftspiration for the special women in your life.  All of these gifts are available online, and if your family/boyfriend/husband needs help with Christmas gift ideas, you can send a cheeky link to this post with ‘In Case You Get Stuck’ in the subject title. I know I’d be delighted for Santa to bring me any of these gorgeous goodies (hint hint!).

Weleda Pomegranate Gift Pack $29.90

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Five Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now


With the Spring Racing Carnival about to begin, and the festive season just around the corner I’ve found some fab new beauty products for a bit of extra fun and glamour.  These are five that I’m loving right now.

Q Silica Paw Paw Rescue Ointment $7.50

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas


I went to a lovely baby shower over the weekend and had loads of fun browsing through online stores looking for ‘giftspiration’.  There are so many gorgeous and beautiful things for babies, sometimes it can be hard to decide what to get!  These are just some of my top baby shower gift ideas:

Weleda Calendula Baby Gift Pack $32.90 from Peachy Clean

Incredibly, many of the popular supermarket brand baby washes and shampoos include nasty, toxic and drying ingredients.  I noticed my daughter was getting very dry, irritable skin and then someone told me about natural and organic Weleda products.  I made the switch and haven’t looked back.  I wish I’d known about these skincare products when she was born. This pack would be a beautiful gift for a new or expectant mum, giving her reassurance that the skincare she is using on her babies delicate skin is gentle, organic and natural.

Putamayo Kids CD’s $14.98

Putamayo kids CD’s are hands down the best kids music you will find (apart from The Wiggles of course!).  Putamayo have a huge range of kids music including French, Brazilian, Latin, Caribbean and Celtic with many more albums available in English like Dreamland, Picnic Playground and Kids World Party. With so much more time being spent at home and in the car once a new baby arrives, music is a gift that can be enjoyed by the whole family for years to come.

Britt Bear $49.95

These soft, snuggly Britt Bears are an ideal baby shower gift.  My daughter was given one when she was born and she loves it so much she still sleeps with it now.  It’s the perfect size, can be put in the washing machine and dryer and what’s even better – they are lovingly hand made right here in Australia. They even come in a beautiful gift box, tied with a bow – all you have to do is attach a hand written note.

Babytastes Book $22.95

This was one of the best baby recipe books I discovered. Written by two child health nurses, it’s a really easy and practical way to introduce natural and healthy food to your child.  It has heaps of fantastic recipes, including banana and blueberry pikelets (which I still make for my toddler now) and salmon pasta which can be made for the whole family. The authors have just released a new ‘Toddler Tastes‘ book as well, and you can buy both books for the special price of $55.  For more info, or to purchase the books – check out the Babytastes website here.

Tippy Toes Socks $20 from Peters of Kensington

These are the most gorgeous socks for babies and toddlers and they come in a really wide range of colours and designs. They are sold in beautiful gift boxes and come in a pack of six. These girls ‘Mary Jane’ version look like your little one is wearing tiny little Mary Janes!  Too cute! They are also really practical with rubber paw grips underneath, they never slip off, and wash beautifully.  Peters of Kensington have them at the best price I have found, as they usually retail for $25.95.

Tippy Toes Socks $20 from Peters of Kensington

These boys ‘Kicker’ socks are designed to look like your little man is wearing sneakers. Genius!

Happy baby shower shopping!!

A xx

What are your top baby shower gift ideas?

What’s the best baby shower present you’ve received or been given?

Five Things I’m Loving Right Now

In celebration of my birthday week, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite things with you;

Sodashi Skincare

I recently made the switch to Sodashi skincare and my skin already looks clearer, calmer and smoother.  Sodashi is considered one of the purest skincare ranges in the world, with no artificial chemicals, fragrances or preservatives – and it’s made right here in Western Australia.  I figure if you’re going to invest in good quality beauty products, skincare is the best place to start.  It’s no wonder the world’s top spas are using this luxurious range.  Check out all Sodashi products, plus loads more natural and organic beauty products at Peachy Clean.

Lana Del Rey

This video clip is so incredible, Lana is all smouldering Hollywood film star with a voice like red velvet cupcakes, whisky and cigars. I can’t stop listening to Born To Die, it’s such a hypnotic song. Oh, and I want that floral head wreath.

Nars Rue Bonaparte Eyeliner

I read about this Nars Rue Bonaparte flesh coloured eyeliner on Paula Joyes Life Styled website and decided to check it out.  With a very energetic toddler and crazy busy hubby, I need as much help as I can get to look fresh and well rested, and this nude eyeliner worn on the inner rim of the eye seems to do the trick.

Dip Dying


I’ve become obsessed with dip dying and am seriously considering doing it for a bit of fun.  A friend of mine just had her white-blonde hair dip dyed navy and it looks INSANE!

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine


One of my dearest friends gave me this hydrating Chanel Rouge Coco Lip Shine in ‘Aventure’ as a birthday gift and I LOVE it.  It glides on like a moisturising balm, but gives a beautiful colour and shine.  It’s light and fresh and a perfect way to welcome Spring.



I am loving Spotify, it’s a great way to discover new music and create playlists and it’s all for free.  If you are music lover and haven’t gotten onto Spotify yet, then you have to check it out!

A xx

What are you loving in your life right now?

Meet Haley from Peachy Clean – Plus a Sodashi Giveaway!

**Giveaway is now closed, the winner was lucky number 5 – Alicia!  Thanks to everyone who entered, I can highly recommend getting some Peachy Clean goodness into your life** Amy xx

Haley is owner and creator of Peachy Clean Organic Beauty Boutique.  Today she’s sharing the story behind her passion for skincare, her all time favourite beauty products and there’s an amazing giveaway up for grabs!

Peachy Clean is such a great name for a skincare boutique, is there a story behind it?

I was lucky enough to have the most beautiful nana in the world, a bubble of pure joy and love, a kids best friend. She only ever wore hot pink, I’m talking full blown, head to toe magenta 7 days a week! I get called ‘Peachy’ which I like to think is a few shades of my hot pink-peachy keen nana.  It’s my roundabout homage to the most beautiful lady who ever lived (besides my also amazing mum).  She makes me think ‘Do what makes you happy!’

How did Peachy Clean come about?

When I first heard about all the illnesses and diseases associated with ingredients in my regular, everyday skin care I just couldn’t believe it! And the ingredients were scientifically known to irritate and dry my skin out. No wonder I couldn’t get my skin looking good, I was lathering on the problem.

In making the switch to using natural products, I found it so difficult to know what was natural and what wasn’t.  I soon found out that just because a product has ‘organic’ written on the packet or in the product name, it doesn’t mean anything. A product is legally allowed to be promoted as natural or organic even if it only has one organic ingredient. I was gob-smacked at how tricky it was and the lack of decent products available.  I am so passionate about Peachy Clean Organic Beauty Boutique and it’s so true, if you love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life.

What do you look for when choosing Peachy Clean products?

I’m quite a fanatic about what truly qualifies as ‘natural’ and ‘organic’, there is so much false advertising out there so I’m strict about the ranges we sell at Peachy Clean. First of all I scour through the ingredients list to make sure there’s no hidden nasties anywhere in sight and then I personally sample everything! (Yes – that’s my favourite bit!).  I only stock products that I believe are amazing at doing what they say they do.

They should also magically arrive at your door with a little note and some lovely samples to make you smile so that you can then get on with your day 😉 No deciphering of tricky scientific lingo, no being duped by advertising or slogans, no driving to a natural store half hour away to buy a soap and no disappointments. Easy!

If you had to choose your top five products, what would they be?

Five? Are you kidding me? I just came back from travelling (packing light) with no less than 23 products in my beauty bag that I couldn’t bare to be without! Ha ha! I guess if I were Oprah and I had a giveaway show, these five products are ones I would want everyone in the world to have;

1) The Sodashi Brightening Marine Mineral Mask – this little baby is amazing! Quite honestly the best face mask I’ve used, it plumps, firms and evens out skin tone almost instantly. It’s worth every penny! (Oh, and you have a chance to win this amazing product! Details below.)
2) Weleda Creamy Body Wash in Sea Buckthorn – once you lather up in the shower with what feels like whipped cream you’ll never go back to using chemical laden bodywashes that dry your skin out! Luxury in a lather.
3) Sodashi Rejvenating Serum – If your skin needs a kick of moisture, this is it! Super nourishing and super hydrating, a good serum like this one can be the difference between good skin and amazing skin!
4) Vanessa Megan Essential Blend – I use this as a room spray daily! It’s a great way to make your home smell gorgeous and is an instant way to relax. When I walk into my gorgeous smelling home, it signals that the work day is over and it’s time to relax. That I’m home.
5) Savi Soothing Cream – This is a certified organic medicated cream, it’s basically a natural alternative to a steroid cream. Not only is it amazing on problem skin like acne, rosacea, eczema, psoraiasis but it’s also super handy to have on hand for bites, stings and itches. My boyfriend developed an itchy rash while travelling recently and this was a saviour!

And I’m sorry but I just can’t stop at 5!  These would be next on my list;

10) Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil

In celebration of all things Peachy Clean, one lucky reader will receive the sensational  Sodashi Brightening Marine Mineral Mask, valued at $110.

For your chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell us in 25 words or less why you would love this gorgeous prize.

Competition closes Thursday 9th August and the winner will be announced on Friday 10th August.

Good luck peaches!!
A xxx

Holiday Must Haves

I’m still catching my breath after a truly incredible trip to the Greek Islands, but thinking back on my pre trip preparation, there are a couple of stand out products that made my holiday so much easier and more amazing.

1) Eco Tan

Day one of my trip with my fab Eco Tan

It sounds pretty crazy to get a spray tan before going on a summer holiday, but I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing Eco Tan is.  I had one the day I was leaving and although the natural bronzing agent was quite dark, once it processed and was washed off – it left the most natural, golden glow with no tell tale patchiness that you get with a regular spray tan. It also meant that I needed hardly any make up and felt more confident popping a bikini on.   If you are in Perth and want the contact details for the at home service, just let me know.

2)  Travel Bottles

Priceline Travel Bottles

I found these fab travel bottles at Priceline and they were perfect for taking my favourite shampoo, conditioner and clothes washing liquid along with me.  A variety of  labels are included which means you won’t accidentally wash your hair with body lotion.

3) Packing Cells

My mum is the most organised traveller I know and she gave me a selection of packing cells last year, and I can honestly say that they are AMAZING!  I packed all of Little Miss’s clothes, my tops, jewellery and shorts into one of these babies, and it meant that when we arrived at our destination, I simply pulled each cell out and popped it into a drawer –  too easy!  It also made unpacking super easy when we got home as I unpacked and washed one cell at a time.  You can find packing cells at Kathmandu and most travel stores.

4) Garnier BB Cream

I’ve already talked about how much I love Garnier BB Cream here, but this product was worth it’s weight in gold on holiday.  I could moisturise, apply sunscreen, a light coverage and a subtle holiday glow all in one minute. It made getting ready in the morning so easy and fuss free.  If you haven’t tried this product yet then you simply must, and even better still – you can get a tube of Garnier BB Cream at the supermarket.

5) Sodashi Rejuvenating Face MIst

Sodashi Rejuvenating Face Mist

This product was an absolute skin saver during our 24 hour trip to Greece and on the 36 hour trip back home.  My skin dries up and feels very tight and dehydrated on flights, and a regular spritz of this gorgeous smelling spray made it feel lovely and refreshed, and because it’s 100% organic, I even used it on Little Miss! You can get this amazing Sodashi spray from Peachy Clean Organic Beauty Boutique, and they even have a handy jet lag recovery kit.

What are your must have holiday products?

Do you have an exciting holiday coming up?