Parisian Chic

When my own fashion mentor from super style blog And Andrea mentioned this book in one of her posts, I just had to find a copy of my own. My love for anything French PLUS fashion combined in one gorgeous little red package was impossible to resist!

Written by former Chanel model and muse Ines de la Fressange, Parisian Chic is a very clever and insightful guide into how Parisian women get their chic on.

In the beginning of her book, Ines says ‘The Parisian will rave about a great find in the supermarket… her wardrobe is a clever mix of cheap and affordable buys, holiday purchases and a handful of luxury pieces.’ Now that’s my kind of girl!

Ines encourages women to mix it up and be more adventurous, but to always be totally comfortable with what we are wearing. In short, she dares us to be fashion savvy – not fashion victims.

She then goes on to talk about the fashion basics that every woman should have in her wardrobe, and explains how to wear them with a twist – for example a black blazer with the sleeves pushed up and worn with a belt. She shares dozens of little tips that seem simple enough, but try them out and it’s amazing how little details really do make a big difference.

Ines touches on which accessories make a big statement, and even dedicates a chapter to ‘Fashion SOS’ which provides a guideline on what to wear to black tie events, impromptu dinner parties and cocktail parties.

She also shares some of her beauty tips, and is refreshingly relaxed and honest in her approach.  In short, she says to take good care of yourself but to loosen up a little and let go…. such a typically fabulous French attitude!

Parisian Chic finishes off with a ‘Chez Moi’ chapter and Ines’s own guide to Paris, including boutiques, cafes, museums and even a secret Belle Epoque gem toilet!

This book will inspire you to create chic new outfits with items you already have in your wardrobe, and to be more confident and adventurous when shopping for new clothes.

Parisian Chic makes a beautiful gift for any fashionista or stylish jet setter who is Paris bound. Or it could be a delightful treat for yourself. You can find Parisian Chic in your local bookstore or online here.


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What fashion books have inspired you to get your chic on?