Being Kind


At the beginning of the year I started volunteering for Look Good Feel Better,  a programme for people undergoing cancer treatment.  I always come away from  workshops feeling so inspired, these women are going through possibly the most difficult and challenging time of their lives and yet they walk in with a smile, are happy to chat, swap stories and have a laugh.

The last workshop I volunteered at, I was talking with a lady called Helen. I asked her how her morning had been and she told me it had been really lovely.  Thinking that perhaps she’s been for breakfast at her favourite cafe or gone for a walk in the park, I asked her what she’d been up to.  She told me that she’d had a nice chat with her taxi driver, and then someone in the hospital had helped her find the room the workshop was being held in.  That was it.  Nothing remarkable or out of the ordinary, but for Helen – those two small acts of kindness had made her morning ‘really lovely’.


It made me think that we never really know what people are going through. Sometimes small acts of kindness can make someones day, like taking time to have a chat or holding a door open. Complimenting someone. Something. Anything.

We are all so busy rushing around, closed off, reluctant to interact or even smile at each other.

Some time ago, I was struggling at a checkout with a wriggling toddler when my stroller fell to the floor and the contents of my bag spilled out.  It was one of those moments that I just wanted to cry. In a queue of people who pretended not to notice what happened, an elderly lady behind me picked my stroller up and helped me collect the contents of my bag.  I thanked her and moved towards the checkout thinking how lovely and helpful she had been.  As she walked past me outside the shop, she insisted on giving me $2 for my daughter to have a ride on a Wiggles car. I was amazed by how kind she was.


I recently read this amazing post ‘11 Ways to Live More Mindfully‘ by The Simply Luxurious Life.  The last point encourages us to notice a need and act.  To be kind to each other.

From now on, I am going to try my best to be more mindful and kind every day.

A xxx

Are you involved with a charity?

Have you experienced a random act of kindness recently?


Dream Week 2012 : Look Good Feel Better

It’s Dream Week 2012!! This is the one week of the year devoted to raising funds for Look Good Feel Better; a programme for people undergoing cancer treatment which helps  manage the appearance related side affects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

I started volunteering for Look Good Feel Better earlier this year after searching for a charity to work with.  I found it really difficult to decide as there are just so many worthy and important causes, but then I had an ‘ah-ha!’ moment when I saw an ad promoting Look Good Feel Better and I knew that it was a cause I could confidently contribute to.

Both my great grandmother and Nana had cancer, I remember going to see my great Nan in hospital and brushing her hair and rubbing cream into her hands, she was so elegant and ladylike and wanted to look lovely even though she was very ill.

More recently my beautiful Nana survived breast cancer, during her treatment she lost her lovely white hair and experienced many more side effects.  It was bad enough for her to be diagnosed with cancer, but then to experience hair loss on top of feeling so unwell from the treatment was just awful.

We all know someone who has been affected by cancer, and Look Good Feel Better is a free 2.5 hour workshop that provides a fun escape where people can learn how they can combat appearance related side effects, and spend time with others who are going through a similar experience.  As one cancer survivor put it, the workshop provided her with a great coping mechanism for her journey.

This week, David Jones and Myer will donate $1 from every lipstick and lipgloss bought across Australia. Volunteers in red t-shirts will be in store providing brochures, info and $5 pins with all proceeds going to Look Good Feel Better.

I’ll be at David Jones in Perth city Monday 10th September volunteering for Look Good Feel Better, pop by and say hello!

A xxx

Do you support or volunteer for a charity?

Have you or someone you know survived cancer?

HBF Run for a Reason 2012

What a BIG surprise today when I woke up to find my Little Miss and I on the front of The West Australian – EEKKK!!  A few weeks back I was approached and asked if I was supporting HBF Run for a Reason which is taking place on Sunday 27th May, to which I said ‘absolutely!’.  I answered a few questions and had some photos taken, thinking it would be a little article tucked into the Mind and Body section. (Lesson – never assume anything!!).  So it was a bit of a shock when my husband ran in this morning and said ‘You’re on the front of the paper!’ What?!!  But it’s all good, because it’s for such an important reason.

Little Miss and I on the front of The West

HBF Run for a Reason is such a fantastic event, there are four charities to support and it’s a great chance to work towards some fitness goals.  I chose to walk for the Cancer Council WA, I know so many people who have been affected by this disease – including friends and immediate family.  I dream of a future that is cancer free, it robs so many people of their loved ones and many cancer patients of their quality of life.

Mind & Body Liftout

I also volunteer for Look Good Feel Better which is a programme for cancer patients.  It’s designed to help people deal with the appearance related side affects of cancer treatment.  One woman said that the programme is a great ‘coping mechanism’ and helps her feel better about getting on with her day and surviving cancer.

Kerri-Anne Kennerley is the patron of LGFB and it’s the charity she’s chosen to support on Dancing with the Stars.  If you know someone who is undergoing cancer treatment, or if you have been diagnosed yourself – take a look at the website for more info.

If you have been thinking about participating in HBF Run for a Reason on Sunday 27th May, then do it!  You can choose to run, jog or walk either 4km or 14km.

Hope to see you there!!

A xxx

**Also on the front of the paper today was the tragic accidental death of Lizzie Watkins. My  deepest sympathy goes out to her friends and family.  I used to pop into her shop in West Leederville, she was always smiling, helpful and happy.**