Seduce Jet Setter Shorts: Day to Night


Jade is a mum, marketing student, fashion lover and owner of amazing online store Jour et Nuit Online.  Today she’s sharing one of her fabulous day to night outfits. Thanks Jade!


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Mummy Wardrobe Essentials

Today the lovely Jade is guest posting for me with a fantastic selection of clothes for mummies or any fashionista who loves luxurious comfort.  Jade is mum to Riley, author of the blog  A Jaded Life and owner of the exciting new online store Jour et Nuit Online.

In December 2010 I became a mummy (or Mama as she calls me) to my favourite little girl in the world and since then, I’ve had to make a lot of changes to my lifestyle and clothing choices.  I had to organise and cull my wardrobe once I realised that I probably wouldn’t be wearing my party dresses anymore.  All of my clothing now has to look good, be comfortable and easy to move in as a lot of my time is spent running after  my little girl.  I’ve also found that I don’t have time to go through every single item in my wardrobe and drawers looking for an outfit as someone throws a hissy fit when the attention isn’t on her.  My mother calls this karma!

With this in mind, I made a list of what clothes I actually needed in my wardrobe and here’s a few of the items that I think every mummy needs – easy wearing, they look good, and it’s easy to chase after kids in them when they run around the house with your car keys.  Hypothetically, of course!


Long tunics or shorter dresses are perfect for winter as you can match them with tights/leggings, cardigan and flats and it suits almost any situation.  And if you’re bending down a lot to pick up your child then you know you won’t have the worry of flashing your knickers!

Zavarucci Empire Dress

Ballet Flats

You learn pretty quickly that walking in heels while carrying a baby or pushing a pram just isn’t a good idea.  I live in either my Haviana thongs or ballet flats.  I’ve worn heels less than 5 times since my daughter was born!

Siren Sirly Flats – The Iconic


Tights and leggings are pretty much my favourite clothing item right now – non restrictive and so comfortable – I prefer to wear them instead of jeans actually!  I have a few pairs that I wear under dresses and also a more “statement” pair that I wear with plain longer tops and tunics.

Shopbop Commando Matte Opaque Tights

White Button Down Shirt

I bought this shirt a few months ago and it’s perfect with a pair of jeans and flats for when I know I have a lot of things on that day.  There’s something about a crisp, white, button down shirt that makes me feel a little more professional and ready to face the world when instead I’m dodging food that being thrown at me by my darling daughter.  (Note: don’t let food be thrown at you when wearing the white shirt.  It’s just depressing looking down and seeing a big red stain from a strawberry on your nice white shirt).

Shopbop Equipment Delphine Blouse


I almost always wear a cardigan whenever it’s cold as they’re just so versatile and work with most outfits.  The one I get the most wear out of is my long “waterfall” style one.  It’s so slouchy and comfortable that it almost feels like a blanket (and my daughter thinks it’s funny to hide under it when I’m wearing it!).

Day Birger Et Mikkelsen Waterfall Cardigan

Casual Dressy Top 

I used to have a problem with my wardrobe – either everything was too casual or too dressy.  This got so frustrating when I just wanted something in between!  If you have a top (or a few tops) that can be dressed up or down then this will make your morning outfit choices so much easier – trust me! 

Esther Boutique Mint Top

Do you have any wardrobe essentials that you think all Mummy’s should know about?