Mothers Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s day almost upon us,  here are some lovely and luxurious gift ideas;

Chanel Hand Cream 

Every woman deserves a little Chanel, and this hand cream is so beautiful and velvety and will be a gorgeous little everyday luxury for mum. The lovely ladies at Chanel will even gift wrap it for you!

Tea Cup and Saucer

This is such a lovely gift, not only are tea cups absolutely beautiful but they represent ‘me’ time for mum. You can find these in department stores, T2 or antique stores.

Mimco Pearl Choker

This exquisite Mimco pearl choker is sure to make mums day. It’s a modern twist on the classic strand of pearls and is both elegant and timeless.

Hermes Scarf

These beautiful Hermes twill scarves are little pieces of art and would be sure to make it a very special Mothers Day for your mum.

Jigsaw Cardigan

This merino wool Jigsaw cardigan is adorned with leather sequins and is simply stunning. It’s a more sophisticated version of the classic black cardigan which is a winter wardrobe staple.


Orchids are a clever alternative to flowers as a Mothers Day gift as they last for weeks and weeks. They look absolutely gorgeous in the house and you can find them at your local nursery, florist and even at Bunnings.

Happy Mothers Day Mummies!!

A xx

What great Mothers Day gift ideas do you have?


When You Wish Upon a Star

Have you ever turned through the pages of a glossy magazine, admiring all the luxury items that you know are out of reach, but compiled a wish list in your head anyway? If I could snap my fingers and magically have any luxury swag that I wanted, these would have to be my top five;

Because every girl has a right to dream….

Cartier Love Bracelet 

I love that these bracelets are locked onto your wrist, symbolic of eternal love and devotion. Plus they look so sensationally stunning.

Chanel Classic Flap Bag

These bags are so classically beautiful. I would take great care of mine and hand it down to my Little Miss as vintage Chanel.

Hermes Bracelet

I would wear this Hermes bracelet along with my watch and some other arm candy, as if it was just another bracelet.  (But we all know that it’s not!)

Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Pumps

If you hadn’t heard of Manolos pre SATC, then you certainly came to love and long for them after.  These are the iconic shoes custom made for SATC and I would wear these with a simple LBD.  They are Manolo’s after all.

Hermes Birkin Bag

These bags are iconic and have been known to have a wait list of up to 6 years. I would take mine out for lunch with the girls and then on an afternoon shopping trip.

What’s on your ultimate luxury swag wish list?

Have you ever been lucky enough to have one of your dream items?