Big Jet Plane

Music has always played a really important part of my life, I just love it and songs can transport me to places in time, inspire me, move me and make me feel completely happy.  Random songs (quite often funny ones!) will often pop into my head when I think about events or people or places.

When I was a flight attendant, I would sometimes have to wake up ridiculously early for flights.  ‘She Works Hard for the Money’ (the version sung by the character Agador Spartacus from the film Bird Cage) was on my ‘Going to Work’ playlist. It would crack me right up, help me forget I was deliriously tired and put me in a great mood for my flight.

We’re flying to the Greek islands tonight and the song that keeps playing over in my head is this one. Little Miss loves it too and we have been dancing around the house to it these past few days.  It’s so beautiful and I never get tired of hearing it.


A xxx

Are you a music lover too?

What anthem has been playing in your head today?