A Big Thank You and a Round up of Favourite Posts from 2012


Wow. I can’t believe that 2012 is coming to a close. It’s been a massive year which saw me take up blogging back in March as a bit of fun, and amazingly – people started to read Absolute Amy.  I’ve covered topics from motherhood, fashion, charity events, reviews, beauty, recipes and giveaways. Thank you SO much to everyone who’s come and said hi, taken the time to leave a comment, other bloggers who have supported, inspired and encouraged me along the way and all the people who have shared what they’re loving in their life, because that’s what blogging is all about – sharing fashion finds, recipes, things for the kids and everything in between – so we can all live a more fun, meaningful and stylish life.



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Ten Fab Coffee Table Books


I adore coffee table books, they provide hours of inspiration and look beautiful displayed around the house with candles and fresh flowers.  They also make gorgeous gifts and with Christmas just around the corner, I thought I’d look online for my favourite and best priced coffee table books.  With this selection there’s something for everyone from the footy fan to the fashionista and even the foodie! This post is dedicated to a lovely reader called Shae who e-mailed and asked me about my favourite coffee table books – enjoy!


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Happy Anniversary Baby!

This time three years ago, my hubby and I were married at the Megisti Hotel in Kastellorizo, Greece.  It was more like a wedding festival; we had four days with our guests, kicking off with a welcome dinner, a bus and ferry trip to the tiny island of Kastellorizo, a hens and bucks dinner party, a day trip to Turkey, a traditional Savvatovrado (a traditional Kastellorizian celebration the night before the wedding) and then the grand finale.  The wedding day.

It was pure magic and so many new friendships formed and to this day, friends of ours stay in touch with each other. Some have even attended each others weddings. I’ve had friends and family tell me that they still think of our wedding in Kastellorizo every day.  It was that amazing.  We danced under the stars and hoped the night would last forever.

Today we are thinking of that wonderful time we all had together, wishing we could re-live the day and see all of our friends and family who live in other parts of the world.

A xxxx

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Where did you get married?  Are you planning a wedding right now?

What are your favourite wedding memories? 

Winter Wonderland Wedding

Last week we were in Melbourne for my brothers high tea wedding at The Hotel Windsor.  It was such a beautiful day of old world vintage glamour and Little Miss was a flower girl.  She looked like a little snow angel in her cream gown and cape, holding her red rose bouquet in one hand and her teddy bear biscuit in the other.

The bride looked beautiful in a stunning lace gown made by her very talented mum (who also made the cake and the bouquet) and my brother looked very handsome in his black suit.

I was so proud of my little brother, he made a very dashing and debonair groom.

We indulged in delicious ribbon sandwiches, miniature cakes and The Hotel Windsors famous raisin and vanilla scones.

The wedding cake was made by the mother of the bride and not only did it look stunning, but it tasted yummy too.  Little Miss has kept the shoe from the top of the cake as a special memento from the day.

We were all gifted a vintage tea cup set filled with heart shaped biscuits made by a close family friend.  I thought it was such a perfect keepsake to remind us of the beautiful day.

If you’re visiting Melbourne I would highly recommend The Hotel Windsor, it’s pure old world charm which transports you back to a magical era and is well worth checking out.

Wishing the happy couple a lifetime of much love and laughter.

A xxx

Where did you get married?

Where was the last wedding you went to?


Underwater Love – Melbourne Aquarium

We just got back from a fabulous five day trip to Melbourne where I took Little Miss to the Melbourne Aquarium.  A lovely friend of mine met us there and the plan was for us to chat, catch up and enjoy all of the beautiful sea creatures, while Little Miss was mesmerised by the amazing fish, giant jellyfish and penguins.  The reality was that she was more interested in climbing up and down stairs, opening curtains and crashing other peoples photos and we spent most of our time chasing her around.  What I did manage to see was just sensational, and I would have loved to stay longer.

These penguins were just too cute!  I loved their sleek, shiny coats and the burst of sunshine on their cheeks.

I’d never seen a seahorse before, and it was love at first sight.  They are so graceful and beautiful.

I found it so relaxing to watch these jellyfish bobbing up and down in the water, all I needed was a cocktail and the relaxation would have been complete!

The colour of these fish was amazing, the exact same neon yellow that is everywhere in the shops right now.

After our visit, Little Miss fell asleep in her pram (which almost never happens) so I made the most of the opportunity to wander through David Jones and to my absolute delight I stumbled across these amazing Scanlan and Theodore aquarium prints – how perfect was the timing?

It was such a great way to end our day of underwater love.

A xxx

Have you ever had a trip not go exactly according to plan?

Where was the last amazing place you visited?

Greek Island Holiday : Part Two

Kastellorizo is one of the few places in the world that will never cease to take my breath away, it is so incredibly beautiful.  It’s a very tiny and unique island, so tiny in fact that you can walk from one end of the island (where I’m sitting in the photo below at the Megisti Hotel) to the other side in around 30 minutes.  It’s also where my husbands family are from, where we had our wedding  three years ago and where our daughter was christened last year – so it holds many, many happy memories and we were really excited to head back there for a family wedding.

‘If you like Pina Coladas…..’

I love how the boats are all painted in beautiful bright colours

Fruit salad with yoghurt and honey at Radio Cafe

One of my daily rituals in Kazzi is to head to the amazing Radio Cafe to indulge in one of their delicious fruit salads and cappuccinos.  This is no ordinary fruit salad, it’s a delicious combination of peaches, cherries, strawberries, kiwi fruit and melon all topped with greek yoghurt and honey – YUM!

A beautiful doorway and one very cute kid!

Little Miss and Mummy

We also had a day trip to the gorgeous Turkish town of Kas (pronounced Cash) while we were in Kazzi, it’s only 20 minutes away by boat and has an amazing outdoor fresh produce market as well as dozens of gorgeous shops full of hand made jewellery, pottery, bags, shoes, clothes and linen.

There were trays and trays of cherries – YUM!

Gorgeous handmade pottery 

Of course, all of this was just the lead up to the real reason why we were back in this magical part of the world – a very special family wedding, and Little Miss was a flower girl.

 And what a cute flower girl she was!

The wedding itself was AMAZING with champagne cocktails and canapés kicking off the festivities, followed by the bride and groom making their entrance with a bridal waltz and fireworks.  A feast of delicious greek food was washed down with Moet & Chandon and guests danced under the stars until the wee hours of the morning.

The happy couple

And so yet another Greek odyssey has come to an end….. now all we have to do is start planning our next trip 🙂

A xxxx

Have you ever been to a destination wedding?  

Where is your favourite part of the world?

Holiday Must Haves

I’m still catching my breath after a truly incredible trip to the Greek Islands, but thinking back on my pre trip preparation, there are a couple of stand out products that made my holiday so much easier and more amazing.

1) Eco Tan

Day one of my trip with my fab Eco Tan

It sounds pretty crazy to get a spray tan before going on a summer holiday, but I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing Eco Tan is.  I had one the day I was leaving and although the natural bronzing agent was quite dark, once it processed and was washed off – it left the most natural, golden glow with no tell tale patchiness that you get with a regular spray tan. It also meant that I needed hardly any make up and felt more confident popping a bikini on.   If you are in Perth and want the contact details for the at home service, just let me know.

2)  Travel Bottles

Priceline Travel Bottles

I found these fab travel bottles at Priceline and they were perfect for taking my favourite shampoo, conditioner and clothes washing liquid along with me.  A variety of  labels are included which means you won’t accidentally wash your hair with body lotion.

3) Packing Cells

My mum is the most organised traveller I know and she gave me a selection of packing cells last year, and I can honestly say that they are AMAZING!  I packed all of Little Miss’s clothes, my tops, jewellery and shorts into one of these babies, and it meant that when we arrived at our destination, I simply pulled each cell out and popped it into a drawer –  too easy!  It also made unpacking super easy when we got home as I unpacked and washed one cell at a time.  You can find packing cells at Kathmandu and most travel stores.

4) Garnier BB Cream

I’ve already talked about how much I love Garnier BB Cream here, but this product was worth it’s weight in gold on holiday.  I could moisturise, apply sunscreen, a light coverage and a subtle holiday glow all in one minute. It made getting ready in the morning so easy and fuss free.  If you haven’t tried this product yet then you simply must, and even better still – you can get a tube of Garnier BB Cream at the supermarket.

5) Sodashi Rejuvenating Face MIst

Sodashi Rejuvenating Face Mist

This product was an absolute skin saver during our 24 hour trip to Greece and on the 36 hour trip back home.  My skin dries up and feels very tight and dehydrated on flights, and a regular spritz of this gorgeous smelling spray made it feel lovely and refreshed, and because it’s 100% organic, I even used it on Little Miss! You can get this amazing Sodashi spray from Peachy Clean Organic Beauty Boutique, and they even have a handy jet lag recovery kit.

What are your must have holiday products?

Do you have an exciting holiday coming up?