Another Year Over… and a New One About To Begin!


What an incredible year it’s been! I can’t believe it’s just about over already, and another year – all shiny, sparkly, new and full of possibility – is about to begin.


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A Big Thank You and a Round up of Favourite Posts from 2012


Wow. I can’t believe that 2012 is coming to a close. It’s been a massive year which saw me take up blogging back in March as a bit of fun, and amazingly – people started to read Absolute Amy.  I’ve covered topics from motherhood, fashion, charity events, reviews, beauty, recipes and giveaways. Thank you SO much to everyone who’s come and said hi, taken the time to leave a comment, other bloggers who have supported, inspired and encouraged me along the way and all the people who have shared what they’re loving in their life, because that’s what blogging is all about – sharing fashion finds, recipes, things for the kids and everything in between – so we can all live a more fun, meaningful and stylish life.



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Telethon Adventurers Achievement Night 2012


The Telethon Adventurers are a group of people who care so much about finding a cure for childhood cancer they are willing to climb mountains, jump out of planes, swim with sharks and even walk under water to raise a staggering $1,800,864 in under a year for the Telethon Institute and Princess Margaret Hospital.

Rick and Emily


L-R: My hubby Basil, me, Emily and Rick Parish at the Terrace Hotel Opening

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Words for Teenagers


I read this article this morning and immediately saved it for when my daughter is a teenager. As parents, many of us feel we should be constantly entertaining our children, giving them the best of everything and making their lives as easy as possible. When I think of the upbringing my beautiful grandparents had, much more was expected of them and maybe that’s why they are so kind, thoughtful, generous of spirit and interested in others. This article is definitely food for thought for all of us who have children, and especially those who have teenagers. Continue reading

Baby Shower Gift Ideas


I went to a lovely baby shower over the weekend and had loads of fun browsing through online stores looking for ‘giftspiration’.  There are so many gorgeous and beautiful things for babies, sometimes it can be hard to decide what to get!  These are just some of my top baby shower gift ideas:

Weleda Calendula Baby Gift Pack $32.90 from Peachy Clean

Incredibly, many of the popular supermarket brand baby washes and shampoos include nasty, toxic and drying ingredients.  I noticed my daughter was getting very dry, irritable skin and then someone told me about natural and organic Weleda products.  I made the switch and haven’t looked back.  I wish I’d known about these skincare products when she was born. This pack would be a beautiful gift for a new or expectant mum, giving her reassurance that the skincare she is using on her babies delicate skin is gentle, organic and natural.

Putamayo Kids CD’s $14.98

Putamayo kids CD’s are hands down the best kids music you will find (apart from The Wiggles of course!).  Putamayo have a huge range of kids music including French, Brazilian, Latin, Caribbean and Celtic with many more albums available in English like Dreamland, Picnic Playground and Kids World Party. With so much more time being spent at home and in the car once a new baby arrives, music is a gift that can be enjoyed by the whole family for years to come.

Britt Bear $49.95

These soft, snuggly Britt Bears are an ideal baby shower gift.  My daughter was given one when she was born and she loves it so much she still sleeps with it now.  It’s the perfect size, can be put in the washing machine and dryer and what’s even better – they are lovingly hand made right here in Australia. They even come in a beautiful gift box, tied with a bow – all you have to do is attach a hand written note.

Babytastes Book $22.95

This was one of the best baby recipe books I discovered. Written by two child health nurses, it’s a really easy and practical way to introduce natural and healthy food to your child.  It has heaps of fantastic recipes, including banana and blueberry pikelets (which I still make for my toddler now) and salmon pasta which can be made for the whole family. The authors have just released a new ‘Toddler Tastes‘ book as well, and you can buy both books for the special price of $55.  For more info, or to purchase the books – check out the Babytastes website here.

Tippy Toes Socks $20 from Peters of Kensington

These are the most gorgeous socks for babies and toddlers and they come in a really wide range of colours and designs. They are sold in beautiful gift boxes and come in a pack of six. These girls ‘Mary Jane’ version look like your little one is wearing tiny little Mary Janes!  Too cute! They are also really practical with rubber paw grips underneath, they never slip off, and wash beautifully.  Peters of Kensington have them at the best price I have found, as they usually retail for $25.95.

Tippy Toes Socks $20 from Peters of Kensington

These boys ‘Kicker’ socks are designed to look like your little man is wearing sneakers. Genius!

Happy baby shower shopping!!

A xx

What are your top baby shower gift ideas?

What’s the best baby shower present you’ve received or been given?

Underwater Love – Melbourne Aquarium

We just got back from a fabulous five day trip to Melbourne where I took Little Miss to the Melbourne Aquarium.  A lovely friend of mine met us there and the plan was for us to chat, catch up and enjoy all of the beautiful sea creatures, while Little Miss was mesmerised by the amazing fish, giant jellyfish and penguins.  The reality was that she was more interested in climbing up and down stairs, opening curtains and crashing other peoples photos and we spent most of our time chasing her around.  What I did manage to see was just sensational, and I would have loved to stay longer.

These penguins were just too cute!  I loved their sleek, shiny coats and the burst of sunshine on their cheeks.

I’d never seen a seahorse before, and it was love at first sight.  They are so graceful and beautiful.

I found it so relaxing to watch these jellyfish bobbing up and down in the water, all I needed was a cocktail and the relaxation would have been complete!

The colour of these fish was amazing, the exact same neon yellow that is everywhere in the shops right now.

After our visit, Little Miss fell asleep in her pram (which almost never happens) so I made the most of the opportunity to wander through David Jones and to my absolute delight I stumbled across these amazing Scanlan and Theodore aquarium prints – how perfect was the timing?

It was such a great way to end our day of underwater love.

A xxx

Have you ever had a trip not go exactly according to plan?

Where was the last amazing place you visited?