Ten Fab Coffee Table Books


I adore coffee table books, they provide hours of inspiration and look beautiful displayed around the house with candles and fresh flowers.  They also make gorgeous gifts and with Christmas just around the corner, I thought I’d look online for my favourite and best priced coffee table books.  With this selection there’s something for everyone from the footy fan to the fashionista and even the foodie! This post is dedicated to a lovely reader called Shae who e-mailed and asked me about my favourite coffee table books – enjoy!


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Glasshouse Candle Crush: Coney Island

I’ve had a long standing love affair with candles which I’ve talked about in previous posts here and here.  When I saw that Glasshouse Fragrances were bringing out a limited edition candle called ‘Coney Island’ I couldn’t wait try it out.

Coney Island’s fragrance is ‘Burnt Sugar and Fig’ and I have to say that it’s my new favourite.  It fills the air with the scent of freshly baked sugar cookies with a hint of warm caramelised fig and fairy floss.  Simply scent-sational.


The packaging is genius, with an explosion of fairground attractions with the candle tag being a ticket to ‘Admit One’ to Coney Island.  The jar is a beautiful deep blue, which I can’t wait to re-use once I’ve finished burning it.

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Have you discovered an amazing new candle recently?

What’s your all time favourite candle?

Home Sweet Home

After putting my neck and shoulder out and being confined to the sofa with a heat pack yesterday, I consoled myself by flicking through the delicious online home decor magazine Lonny and immediately fell in love with this room.

On cold wintery days I often dream about open fires, and this one is perfection with the vases of pink peonies perched above the fireplace and the ray of sunshine mirror.  I can just imagine being curled up on the sofa listening to the crackling fire while sipping hot tea.

It made me think about all of the little things that make me ‘home happy’. My hubby brought me fresh flowers last week and they made me smile every time I looked at them.

I also have an obsession with bathrooms – I love luscious hand towels and french hand soaps, it’s a little daily indulgence.

Savon Hand Soap

Missoni Hand Towel

Floriosa Fleur De Cassis Candle

It’s often the interesting little touches that make a house a home, it’s incredible what a few cushions, candles and coffee table books can do to a place. That’s my other obsession – coffee table books.  I don’t have that many, but if I could, I would fill my house up with dozens of them and create a little reading corner just like this….. sigh.


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What little touches make you home happy?

What makes you feel better when you’re out of action?

Current Candle Crush

I absolutely adore candles, for me they are a little everyday luxury and I love to burn one every morning and night to fill my home with a beautiful fragrance.  I’ve talked about a few of my favourite candles in a previous post which you can find here.

I recently discovered a new range that is oh so decadently delicious.

Aquiesse candles are soy based and the packaging is truly luxurious.  The fragrance I have fallen for  is ‘Pink Peony’.  It’s a fresh, florally combination of cherry blossom, green ivy, and of course – pink peony.  The reason I love it so much is that it smells very similar to the Body Shop’s Japanese Cherry Blossom shower gel, which is my absolute favourite.  It’s so beautifully clean and fresh.

Aquiesse have a whole range of products and fragrances, including Blue Agave, Mandarin Tea, Luxe Linen, Moonlit Petals and Pacific Lime Blossom just to name a few.

I’m really excited to try out more of their candles, but I can’t quite decide which one to choose next?

You can check out more of the Aquiesse range and order online here.

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What’s your all time favourite candle?

Do you enjoy indulging in little everyday luxuries?

Image Credits:  Aquiesse Pink PeonyBody Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower GelMoonlit Petal range

Candle Crush

I just love candles. For me they are an everyday luxury and I have them dotted all around the house.  I burn them in the morning to make my house smell yummy, and then again in the evening after Little Miss goes to bed as a way to unwind and relax (and of course, always well out of reach of curious little hands).  I get very excited about finding new fragrances and thought I would share a couple of my favourites with you;

Voluspa – Makassar Ebony and Peach

This candle was a gift from a lovely friend.  It comes in a couple of different sizes and I was amazed how it filled my home with a woody peachiness that lasted for hours after it had been burning. A great idea for a gift or as an everyday luxury for yourself to enjoy.  You can find more info and stockists here.

Geodesis – Mimosa

This Geodesis candle has a subtle, clean fragrance and is made in France (I simply love anything French!), you can also get the room spray to match. I have a mini version of this candle in my guest bathroom and it looks as beautiful as it smells.  Another great gift idea or a little treat for yourself. You can order it here. 

Freedom Dreme Candles

This Freedom candle was a gift from a lovely Aunty.  It’s definitely the best value for money and comes in a big round votive.  I have mine sitting on top of a pile of beautiful books in the middle of my coffee table. The fragrance is Tuberose and Cascarilla, (just looked up cascarilla as I’ve never heard of it before, apparently it’s a West Indian shrub – so there you go!) but the fragrance is faintly floral and very understated. You can find these ones at the Freedom store or online here.

Glasshouse Candles

Glasshouse candles are one of my all time favourites that I keep coming back to. They are triple scented, made right here in Australia and have up to 80 hours burn time. I love that the candles are all named with a destination… one of these babies can take you to Miami, Manhattan or Bordeaux right in the comfort of your own home.  My current choice is Bora Bora and it’s all zesty and citrusy and heavenly.  These candles fill a room with their fragrance and once you have finished burning, you can keep the beautiful jar and re-use! You can find them here. 

Do you love candles too?  What are your favourites? Do you have any clever ideas for re-using the tins or jars afterwards?

A few of my favourite things….

 La Vie en Rose Art Print

I found this print online and immediately loved it. I thought it was perfect for Little Miss’s room and I absolutely adore the sentiment.

I wish for her to always see life, people and situations through rose coloured lenses.

You can find this beautiful art print here.

Lancome Juicy Tubes in Melon

I’m a lip gloss addict. I love it and wear it each and every day.  I really enjoy discovering new glosses, but Lancome Juicy Tubes in Melon is one that I keep coming back to time and time again.  It has a great consistency, colour and the melony taste and smell is just too delicious!  You can order Lancome Juicy Tubes in Melon here.

The Body Shop: Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel

This shower gel was a gift from a very dear friend, and I’ve loved it ever since.  It has a beautiful clean, fresh fragrance and is amazingly soap free.  This is my 5 minutes of happy every morning and night.  You can find this and a whole array of other Japanese Cherry Blossom products at the Body Shop or online here.

 Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne Truffles

These were yet another gift from a gorgeous friend. They are exquisitely packaged and are a delightfully decadent indulgence or a very special gift. You can find them at David Jones or online here.

What are a few of your favourite things?   

What’s your 5 minutes of happy every day?