Seduce Jet Setter Shorts: Day to Night

Jade is a mum, marketing student, fashion lover and owner of amazing online store Jour et Nuit Online.  Today she’s sharing one of her fabulous day to night outfits. Thanks Jade!


I can’t believe it’s finally Summer!  After so many months of living in jeans and layers, it’s time to break out the Summer clothes.  For me, that means a pair of shorts that will work with any top I want to throw on as I’m running out the door.  In the warmer weather I tend to wear a few basic items almost daily so I need a pair of shorts that I can wear to the park, beach, shopping and even going out with friends for a night out (if I can find a babysitter of course…ahem, hi Mum!!)

These black Seduce shorts from Jour et Nuit Online will be on high rotation in my wardrobe this season (disclaimer: this is actually my store) as they’re that perfect mix of casual and dressy.  Here’s an example of how to wear these shorts for a casual summer day or for a fun night out!

black shorts day to night

3 thoughts on “Seduce Jet Setter Shorts: Day to Night

  1. I ordered those shorts and they arrived today and they are beautiful, and I also won the completion online thanks Amy and thanks heaps to Jade

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