Five Minutes with Celebrity Make Up Artist Tamzin Mulder

Tamzin Mulder has been a hairdresser for 23 years and make up artist for 19 years. She was the Art Director for Toni & Guy travelling extensively through London, Asia, and Sydney as an educator for the company. More recently Tamzin has worked with Channel 7, The West Australian, Scoop Magazine and Telethon. Today she’s sharing her expert beauty and make up tips for looking and feeling beautiful this Summer.



It might sound obvious, but moisturise your skin all over and drink plenty of water, it’s SO important  and your skin will love you for it, especially during the festive season with the endless functions and parties.



If you have time for a little indulgence, light a candle, run a bath and add a few drops of  bath oil. If you have sensitive skin put a few pumps of plain sorbolene in the bath, you’ll be amazed how much it softens your skin.


Cleanse your skin so it’s free of make up and to give it an extra glow, exfoliate . A brilliant and very cost effective exfoliant is your normal cleanser with a teaspoon or two of bicarbonate soda. Mix it in the palm of your hand until it’s a thick paste then use circular motions to gently remove dead skin cells and refresh your skin.

REN Hydra Calm

My favourite face moisturiser is REN Hydra-Calm day cream. It’s lovely and light while providing loads of hydration.

Make Up

Face and body foundation by MAC is always my first choice as they have a great colour range and it’s water resistant without looking dry.  A great trick is to emulsify a little in the palm of your hand first before applying, it has a soft and dewy finish which is perfect for summer. There’s nothing more off putting than thick heavy sweaty foundation on a warm summers day, so less is best.



A great way to brighten up your make up pallet is with some fresh blush. Nars in Orgasm is a favourite of mine along with the gorgeous watermelon shades MAC have out this season.

Mac Blush

Nails are a great way to have some fun at summer time.  The hot trend this season is to keep them on the shorter side with bright fresh colours. OPI have a wonderful pallet to play with.


A fabulous new nail polish range called Beach Toes has just hit our surf stores and it comes in 48 amazing shades including brights colours, pastels and neons. It’s even chip and fade resistant.

Beach Toes

A little tip: brights on fingers, neutral colours on toes. You don’t want too much going on.


A great hairstyle for summer is the classic bun. It is practically foolproof and looks so elegant. A must have accessory to create a bun is a hair sponge, I love them. You can even try them in different sizes. Try the classic ballet style bun, not too high and not too low, just gently in the middle.

Hair sponges

Thanks so much to Tamzin for sharing her expert beauty and make up tips. Now I’m off to order some fabulous new skincare and make up!

Happy shopping lovelies.

A xxx

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