Telethon Adventurers Achievement Night 2012

The Telethon Adventurers are a group of people who care so much about finding a cure for childhood cancer they are willing to climb mountains, jump out of planes, swim with sharks and even walk under water to raise a staggering $1,800,864 in under a year for the Telethon Institute and Princess Margaret Hospital.

Rick and Emily


L-R: My hubby Basil, me, Emily and Rick Parish at the Terrace Hotel Opening

When I received an e-mail yesterday afternoon asking me if I would say a few words about being a Telethon Adventurers Ambassador at the annual achievement night I was terrified.

I’m really scared of public speaking, so to be asked to talk in front of doctors, researchers, Telethon Adventurers and a host of other special guests made me feel sick to the stomach.

Then I thought to myself, if people are willing to conquer their fears for such a worthy cause by doing really crazy things like swim with sharks and climb mountains, I can overcome my fear of public speaking.

With the encouragement of my ever supportive husband, and fellow ambassador Aurelio Costarella – I spoke very briefly in front of a crowd of people for an incredibly important cause. The fight against childhood cancer.

Me and Ray Ray

My heartfelt thanks to Rick and Emily Parish for inviting me to be a Telethon Adventurers Ambassador.  They have turned the tragic loss of their beautiful little boy Elliot just last year into doing everything they can to prevent other families from experiencing their own loss to childhood cancer. I am truly in awe of what they have achieved with setting up the Telethon Adventurers.

Elliott Banner

Elliot Parish : Image 

Because we can all do something to make a difference.

A x x x

When was the last time you did something you were terrified of?

What cause are you passionate about?

You can follow the Telethon Adventurers on Twitter @kidscancercure and find out you can make a difference at Telethon Adventurers.


8 thoughts on “Telethon Adventurers Achievement Night 2012

  1. I have 3 charities that I always support obviously telethon and pmh, I used to love volunteering for radio lollipop each week bringing some joy and laughter to the awesome children that were having a rough time.
    Secondly every year I hold Pink Ribbon Afternoon Tea, all monies raised is donated to the Mc Grath Foundation. For only a gold coin donation people have to come dressed in pink and enjoy a pink themed high tea, ( who doesn’t enjoyed a high tea at the best of times)
    The other charity I always support is the Kmart Wishing Tree, I love wandering around the shops filling my trolley full of gifts wrapping them so nicely then popping them under the tree. The thought of a child not having a Xmas pressie to open at Christmas breaks my heart.
    If I can bring abit of joy too someone less fortunate than myself, my job is done and I’m a happy camper!

  2. Hi Amy, I was there last night; I’m one of the TA’s that fell from the sky @ 14,000ft this year 🙂 You spoke beautifully on stage; very eloquent and poised, and it was so wonderful seeing yourself and Basil supporting Rick and Emily and the rest of the TA’s Army in this fight against Childhood Cancer. Well done on facing a fear of your own last night to help inspire and encourage other people to continue/join this worthy mission! Belinda x

    • Hi Belinda! Thanks so much for falling out of the sky @ 14,000ft! That’s truly incredible. Thanks also for taking time to leave a lovely comment, it’s much appreciated. I’m so excited to see what we can achieve together in 2013. Have an amazing festive season. A x x

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