Shimmy Shake!

Last week I attended a lunch at Bistro Guillaume with Mia Freedman.  I wanted a fun and colourful outfit that wouldn’t break the bank and I happened to find inspiration from a fabulous blog that I just discovered.

My ‘Lunch with Mia’ Outfit

I’d visited the Taka Wear Australia store and met a gorgeous girl who had just moved from Holland who worked there called Malena. She told me about her blog Fashion Container, and when I arrived home I spent the afternoon looking through her beautiful blog, admiring her incredible style.  I totally neglected my massive pile of ironing, but who wouldn’t want to look at photos of this gorgeous girl rather than do housework?

Malena’s ‘Caught Up in Fringe’ ouftit

Clearly, Malena’s photos are AMAZING and she looks simply stunning in this gorgeous  skirt, so imagine my complete surprise when I discovered that it was less than $10 from Dotti! I just had to get my hands on this tassle-tastic skirt.

Tassle-tastic skirt!

This really demonstrated the power of blogging to me, the fact that I am more likely to buy something put together by a real person rather than an outfit in a magazine.  It also demonstrates how you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look great, I know some people really love their designer wear (and I do too!) – but I also find it a fun challenge to put together an outfit on a smaller budget.  It means you have to be a little more inventive and creative.

For my outfit, my next step was to find a top to go with the skirt.  I was looking for something colourful and fun and after some browsing online I found this pink and coral patterned top from Portmans that I thought would work well with the cream tassle skirt.

The outfit still needed a certain something, so I popped into a few jewellery stores and found this pink and green beaded necklace which really added to the outfit and happened to match the decor of Bistro Guillaume perfectly!

I also had a special shellac ‘Mia Mani’ using a beautiful bright pink and a coral feature ring finger.

After that, my Country Road tan heels and raspberry Sportscraft clutch completed the look and ‘voila!’ I had my fun and colourful ‘Shimmy Shake’ outfit for less than $100!

Shimmy Shake!

On a side note, I’d like to say that sharing really is caring, not just with blogging and social media but in life.  Blogging guru and mentor Nikki from Styling You recently wrote a post about it here and I truly believe that to succeed with anything, you need to be happy to promote and champion others. I wouldn’t have started blogging if it wasn’t the amazing support and encouragement from Melinda and Sonia from Shop Me Chic and Andrea from And Andrea. Thank you SO much girls!

With the truly wonderful Andrea 

Also – give credit where credit’s due! I will always link back to where I’ve found inspiration or where I’ve seen something, it’s not OK to copy someone or something and claim it as your own.

In this case, all credit to the beautiful Malena from Fashion Container, I love your blog! Thank you for inspiring me to be more creative with putting together outfits.

Happy shopping and sharing lovelies!

A xxxx


Top : Portmans

Skirt :  Dotti 

Necklace : Lovisa


12 thoughts on “Shimmy Shake!

    • This is why we love you Nikki! Thanks for taking time to leave a lovely comment, and thank you for being our ‘guiding star’ when it comes to blogging… and being an all round fabulous, stylish and lovely person. A x x

  1. I love how close knit the blogging community is – it really feels like people you talk to regularly via blogs, Twitter, Facebook etc are your friends 🙂 And it’s always great to discover new blogs!! PS – nothing at all wrong with leaving the ironing for an extra day…or two…or more xx

    • It’s such a supportive community isn’t it? I was in Priceline one day trying to figure out what mascara to buy and I text Sonia from Shop Me Chic who text me straight back to let me know what her current favourite mascaras were – how’s that for service!! And thanks for the ironing pass, it really is my least favourite home duty (Any excuse not to do it!). A x x

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