Lunch with Mia Freedman

Yesterday I had lunch with Mia Freedman. Well, it was me, Mia and 100 other guests at Bistro Guillaume at Crown Perth but the way Mia casually chatted, stopped for photos, complimented Perth women on their great style, it felt like a fun and intimate girls lunch.

Mia Freedman is the kind of girl you’d love to have as a friend – she’s sparkly, smart, gorgeous, funny, relatable, honest and not afraid to share her less than proud moments, including feeding her kids baked beans out of a tin and eating cornflakes in the shower. For dinner. She even showed us photos. Massive respect!

Angela Tsun and Mia Freedman

Guests  enjoyed champagne while mingling with Mia, then we were treated to marron with avocado cream and roast chicken with paris mash specially prepared by celebrity chef Guillaume Brahimi all washed down with chilled rosè and petit fours.

Mia shared her incredible journey with us, from being a young woman in her twenties who knew everything, accidentally falling pregnant at 25, to implementing an unheard of no airbrushing policy as a magazine editor.  A miscarriage at 20 weeks which left her feeling shut off and lonely, wishing there was someone she could talk to.  A period of infertility, then a failed stint as a TV executive at Channel 9.  And finally working for 3 years on Mamamia at home in her lounge and turning it into the massive success it is today.

Every single person in the room could relate to something Mia shared with us, and we were all left feeling inspired, delighted, re-energised, and like we had made a life long friend.

I chose a fun and colourful outfit for the lunch, including a bright necklace which Mia loved (I should have just given it to her!), a fringed skirt and a patterned top. I also had a fun ‘Mia Mani’ especially for the day. (Can you tell I had a thumping headache by my squinty eyes?).

Swishy-swish! Photo courtesy of And Andrea

Thanks to our wonderful MC for the day Alexa Coetsee and the ever fabulous Andrea Tonkin (below) who was my partner in crime at the event. We all need wonderful women in our life! You can check out her take on the day here.

A great big thank you to ‘Darling’ Denise Cheir, the PR manager for Crown who invited me along as her guest and to all the lovely ladies at our table.  What a wonderful day spent with truly extraordinary women, I feel so lucky and grateful.

Shine bright lovelies!

A x x

Who inspires and delights you?


10 thoughts on “Lunch with Mia Freedman

  1. Gorgeous! you and Andrea are really inspiring me to wear more colour instead of just navy blue! 🙂 looks like a fabulous lunch lucky girl xx

  2. Loved meeting you Amy! I cannot believe you had a headache and a cut finger. You hid both of those things well (but don’t we all?). SUCH a great lunch. Loved it to bits. Perth women are amazing. Mia xxxxxxx

    • WOW!!! Thank you SO much for taking a peek at my blog and for leaving a comment, I can only imagine how crazy busy you are, so it really means a lot.
      We were all so inspired and delighted by you – thank you for sharing your story. Come back again soon Mia! Amy xx

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