Brunch with the Girls

It was a gorgeous sunny day and I was headed for brunch with the girls, a perfect time to pull out my new summer shorts. I’ve never done an outfit post before, but I thought I’d be brave and share this one with you.  If everyone enjoys it, I’ll do more in the future.

I spied these drapey Witchery shorts and fell in love, the colours are so beautiful and they are a great ‘mummy’ length. I teamed them up with a Jane Lamerton lace top and a pair of Nine West wedges.

How pretty are the shades of navy, lilac, green and white? So many colours to play with to create a different outfit. These wedges have been favourites of mine for a few years now. Sadly one of the straps broke soon after this photo was taken, I really hope I can get them fixed as I’m not ready to send them to shoe heaven just yet.

I love a good arm party. The first bracelet on the left I picked up from the markets in Turkey, the middle bracelet is a Harper find from years ago and the bracelet far right, my mum bought for me on a recent trip to the Philippines. It’s wonderful having jewellery with a story or sentimental value.

I really enjoy seeing how other people put clothes together, it inspires me to be more adventurous when creating outfits and to have a bit of fun.

Many thanks to my friends Carol and Alicia for taking my photos.  You’re the best!


Jane Lamerton top similar here

Witchery shorts, sold out online but similar here

Nine West wedges similar here

What are your favourite summer fashion finds?

How do you enjoy catching up with friends?

A xxx


16 thoughts on “Brunch with the Girls

  1. This was fun reading, almost as much as reading about young Miss! Amy, I also have problems with straps on wedges. I am looking for a comfortable pair of wedges, any ideas?

  2. LOVED this outfit post – please do many, many more! Your style is so incredibly chic yet down to earth and accessible, which makes it even more fabulous. Love those shorts and can you please tell me where I place my order to get legs like yours?! Sonia xx

    • Sonia you’re the best! Thank you for always supporting me, you are too gorgeous. I really appreciate your feedback, it was a big step for me to do my first outfit post, so I’m glad you liked it. And where can I place an order for your hair?? 😉 xx

  3. Love those shorts. Funny as I just bought myself 2 pairs of mummy length shorts (very similar style) this weekend. Not sure if I can pull off the heels though, as much as I want to, but being 180cm I am not comfy in heels as I feel I am always bending down to people…LOL. But you totally rock it.

    • WOW! 180cm – that’s supermodel height! I’m 167cm and always trying to appear taller, but must admit after years of wearing heels (and since becoming a mum) I am now most comfortable wearing flats 🙂 Thanks for your gorgeous comment. Hope you’re enjoying your Franc Essential skincare. A x

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