Words for Teenagers

I read this article this morning and immediately saved it for when my daughter is a teenager. As parents, many of us feel we should be constantly entertaining our children, giving them the best of everything and making their lives as easy as possible. When I think of the upbringing my beautiful grandparents had, much more was expected of them and maybe that’s why they are so kind, thoughtful, generous of spirit and interested in others. This article is definitely food for thought for all of us who have children, and especially those who have teenagers.

A xxx


11 thoughts on “Words for Teenagers

  1. Words of Wisdom Amy…
    Tempting for us all to spoil, pamper, ‘fix’ our children but most importantly we need to teach gratitude, giving ‘time’ & caring for others!
    Love this article Amy
    aa xx

  2. The same could be true for nearly any age.
    Other things one can learn.
    Is to learn to be still. Lean to meditate.
    Or to be present. Wake up to what is.
    Be here now.
    Try to be still for 5 minutes.
    Then 10, then 20 go for 30 minutes.
    This is a lot harder to do then at first glance.
    As we tend to fidget. And move.
    Trick with it is to do all your fidgeting and moving before hand.
    With this, perhaps inner peace can be obtained.
    And once inner peace is there. Outer peace can result.
    This could bring peace in our time.

    Turn of the TV.

  3. I like this article! I have to admit I tend to always be trying to find something for my daughter to do when she starts getting grumpy but she’s also quite good at playing independently and keeping herself occupied a lot too – hopefully she grows up to be an independent young lady and find things for herself to do instead of constantly complaining “I’m boooooooored” – because i can guarantee now that my solutions to her boredom will included washing the car or cleaning my room (just like my parents told me!!) xx

  4. I really love this article and after watching 60 Minutes and the drink driving hideous accidents with teenagers this article makes even more sense. As parents it’s not about buying our kids love it’s about doing and showing them a giving back way of life.

    • It’s definitely food for thought, somewhere along the line many teenagers (not all) have become somewhat entitled with little or no responsibility…. it might be time to rethink that. A xx

  5. YES! Such great advice. I was never taught to cook or do the laundry. I was never encouraged to follow through with something I committed to. I was given a somewhat “easy ride” when I was younger (which I think was tied to my parents’ guilt for my scoliosis). I have had to learn all of these things by myself as an adult, which hasn’t been an easy ride at all. If I ever have a child, I will be making sure that I instill all of these things in them so they can grow up to be an amazing adult. Sonia xx

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