Telethon 2012 Highlights

Telethon has been so special for me ever since I was a little girl. I remember staying up late, watching the excitement and being so inspired by how much money was raised helping sick kids over 26 hours of live television. This year Telethon kicked off with a massive opening act from Johnny Ruffo, Daryl Braithwaite, Soul Mystique, Andrew Da Silva and an array of Channel 7 stars and promised to be the biggest and best Telethon yet!

I popped backstage before heading to the Lexus Ball and met Daryl Braithwaite. One of my closest friends Carol has been a Daryl fan since his Sherbert days and asked me to get a quick snap with him.  ‘Carol and Daryl’ has such a great ring to it don’t you think?

Johnny Ruffo is such a great sport, straight after opening Telethon he put his hand up to wear a sumo wrestler suit onstage along with Angus McLaren from Packed to the Rafters.

I was beyond excited to meet Brynne Edelsten, I loved her even before her ‘My Bedazzled Life’ began.  She was so lovely and more than happy to pose for a couple of happy snaps.

Matt Fuller completed a 24 hour ergo grinder challenge in a bid to raise over $60,000 for Telethon. Matt and his gorgeous wife Naomi are such an inspiration, tirelessly raising funds for the kids of WA.

My hubby, Basil Zempilas hosted the opening of Telethon and then raced over to MC the second half of the Lexus Ball.  Governor Malcolm McCusker and his wife Tonya placed the winning bid on a stunning Solid Gold pendant worth $90,000, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the ballroom when they donated the exquisite diamond pendant to Telethon girl Sophie to wear to her first school dance. So much respect to the wonderfully kind and generous couple.

We took our daughter along for the closing of Telethon and it was great to catch up with George Houvardas from Packed to the Rafters who we met a few years back.  He was such a natural with Ava and will make a fantastic Dad one day.

Ava made her TV debut for Telethon with her Daddy, along with Molly Meldrum, Lisa Fernandez, Paul Hogan and John Burgess.

Reece Mastin has turned into a megastar since winning X Factor, and was kind enough to have a pic with me in the green room.

It was so amazing to chat to Molly backstage, I told him that in years to come we’ll tell Ava  how she made her TV debut with him.  Molly has made a remarkable recovery since his accident last year and was telling me he was flying back to Melbourne on the red eye, to then board a private jet to Sydney for a charity function with Hugh Jackman and Deborra- Lee Furness. What a champion! Molly is truly one of the nicest celebrities I’ve ever met, along with Aurelio Costarella.

The ultimate highlight of the weekend for me was when Ava met Telethon kids Conor and Sophie.  They chatted, played and happily had photos taken together. Children don’t notice illness or disabilities, they’re too busy having fun and being kids. It was such a precious and heart warming moment for me as a mother.

Telethon makes me so very proud to be a West Australian, I’m sure I speak on behalf of everyone in WA when I say a heartfelt thanks to everyone who volunteers their time to make Telethon possible and to everyone who generously donates funds. This year, Telethon raised a record breaking $16, 805, 622!  What an incredible effort!

Many thanks to Telethon General Manager Steve Mummery and his entire team who work tirelessly throughout the year to make Telethon the huge success that it is. Without them Telethon simply wouldn’t happen.

And finally, a special shout out to my hubby Basil Zempilas who opens and closes Telethon and for who nothing is ever too much trouble. It’s one of the many reasons I married him.

Together, we can all dream and work towards a better future for our kids.

A xxx

What were your favourite moments of Telethon 2012?


17 thoughts on “Telethon 2012 Highlights

  1. Absolutely lovely Amy. Everyone looks so gorgeous. I don’t have tv so missed watching the telethon. Glad that I could get a glimpse through your photos. I have heard so much about Sophie on facebook pages and everyone was entranced with the clothes that she wore.
    Your husband also seems someone very special. Wishing you all the best.
    ps my special day with Jen is tomorrow. I can’t wait. Thanks very much for what I bet will be a lovely few hours for me.

    • Sophie looked beautiful! Her mum told me she buys handmade clothes through Facebook. Have a wonderful time at your photo shoot today Carolyn – I’d love to see a sneaky pic of you when you’re all glammed up. A x x

    • Sophie’s Mum and Sophie have very good taste. I love buying handmade from facebook pages. I had a great day yesterday. I took the makeup off but I didn’t take the false eyelashes off before bed and woke in the middle of the night thinking there was a spider on my pillow but it was an eyelash that had fallen off. haha freaked me out but I had a good laugh. Will send you a sneaky pic when I get the photos.
      So glad that the people of WA helped with the Telethon. A great cause. Thanks

  2. Beautiful post Amy!! Was such a great weekend and so very humbling watching those two amazing, gorgeous telethon kids. It warms my heart to see them still smiling after everything they have endured!! You are a lucky girl getting to spend time with them and all the other stars of Telethon. Baz did a wonderful job as always! Xx

    • They are such amazing kids! Conor’s mum said he has a group of girls at school who look after him and give him lots of special attention, which I’m sure he loves! It was the best Telethon yet and I’m still smiling. A x x

  3. Hi Amy
    Telethon is so so precious the way West Aussies come together. With so much sadness in the world then one wkd of maddness, fun & chaos all for the kids. Big thumbs up to everyone who made it special and beat the record of last year. You must be so proud of your hubby for being a huge part of it.
    From one mum to another thank you x

    • It’s incredible how a state with a relatively small population comes together every year to raise such a massive amount of money for our kids – it shows that people in WA really care and are willing to show it with much needed funds. A xx

    • Brynne looked incredible – she has amazingly toned arms! She looks much tinier in real life, I always thought she was really tall. More importantly, she was so lovely and sweet. A x

  4. $16.8 so proud to be a west Aussie about now!! After reading your blog I have a lump in my throat I love telethon I love that everyone comes together for a fabulous cause and the children are all so inspiring!

    • I’m glad you loved Telethon too Peta! All the money raised will be invested in the future of our children’s health, it’s so reassuring to know that everything that can be done is being done because of this huge tally. A x

  5. Wow what a night! So wonderful to see so many stars come together for such a great cause – and raise so much money! You looked beautiful as always Amy, and seeing Ava put a huge smile on my face. Please give her a squeeze from me! Sonia xx

  6. Lovely post Amy, what precious and cute photos of Ava with Molly and the Telethon kids, she looks like she is having a blast. Also and that Zhivago dess looks beyond hot on you! xx

  7. What a lovely thing to say about Conor and Sophie!! Conor loved playing with Ava – she is a sweetie! Baz does an amazing job every year and it was a real pleasure to meet you both xx Sam.

    • It was such a pleasure to meet you too! Your kids are just gorgeous and were so lovely to Ava. Conor is such a little legend, he’s got so much personality and is truly an inspiration. Please keep in touch and let us know how he is getting on. A xx

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