Current Candle Crush

I absolutely adore candles, for me they are a little everyday luxury and I love to burn one every morning and night to fill my home with a beautiful fragrance.  I’ve talked about a few of my favourite candles in a previous post which you can find here.

I recently discovered a new range that is oh so decadently delicious.

Aquiesse candles are soy based and the packaging is truly luxurious.  The fragrance I have fallen for  is ‘Pink Peony’.  It’s a fresh, florally combination of cherry blossom, green ivy, and of course – pink peony.  The reason I love it so much is that it smells very similar to the Body Shop’s Japanese Cherry Blossom shower gel, which is my absolute favourite.  It’s so beautifully clean and fresh.

Aquiesse have a whole range of products and fragrances, including Blue Agave, Mandarin Tea, Luxe Linen, Moonlit Petals and Pacific Lime Blossom just to name a few.

I’m really excited to try out more of their candles, but I can’t quite decide which one to choose next?

You can check out more of the Aquiesse range and order online here.

A xxx

What’s your all time favourite candle?

Do you enjoy indulging in little everyday luxuries?

Image Credits:  Aquiesse Pink PeonyBody Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower GelMoonlit Petal range


12 thoughts on “Current Candle Crush

  1. I too love scented candles. I recently stocked up at Ikea and got heaps of them really cheaply but they don’t last long but it’s still good:) I really like Glasshouse and Slatkin & Co. Both candles last very long and are worth the double-dollar investment. Xx

  2. Ohh they’re beautiful! I need to get some to decorate the new place 🙂 The only ones I have at the moment are chocolate flavoured which REALLY don’t help when I’m trying to eat healthily haha xx

    • I can just imagine how it wouldn’t help to have chocolate candles when you’re trying really hard not to eat chocolate!!! You should definitely check this one out, it’s SO beautiful. A xxx

  3. These look great, haven’t see them before but will definitely have to try! I love Glasshouse (currently Vanilla Caramel) and Ecoya (just finished Lotus Flower). Must try Pink Peony as I have as I have a slight addiction to TBS’s Cherry Blossom range… I agree that it is worth spending the extra $$$ as the cheaper ones just don’t have the amazing, lasting fragrance. Definitely a luxury of mine too!

    • How good is TBS Cherry Blossom range? I can’t get enough of the fragrance! And the amazing thing with this candle is that you only have to burn it for a short time, and the smell lasts for hours. It’s truly delicious!! A xxx

  4. The first thing that I do after turning on my computer in my office is light my candle at my desk and then put some background music on. The flicker of the flame and the faint fragrance from the candle set the atmosphere for a creative day!

    I have Glasshouse Candles (Galapagos) throughout the house (trying to remove some of the fragrance from two delightful little boys) and for very special occasions my Jo Malone candles come out.

    I love the sound of the Pink Peony fragrance. It is going straight on my list of ‘Wants & Must Haves’.

    • Isn’t it amazing how little things like a beautiful candle and lovely music can really help set a happy and creative mood? I would love to hear what music you listen to, I need some new tunes!! A xxx

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